Listen and Filter

15 03 2011

We all like to go to our closest friends for advice on our situations because they usually aren’t unique situations. There has to be someone who’s had experience in whatever it is your involved in and can offer some advice and maybe a plan too.

Problem with that is when you begin to open yourself up and your friend begins to give you their interpretation of whats going on. Depending on how receptive you are to advice you’ll either agree or disagree with what they are saying. Usually disagree because at the moment your blinded by the outer appearance of things and are not revealing every factor to your listening ear. We also may disagree because truthfully we all have that one specific piece of information we are looking for but can’t seem to grasp. We feel that once we get it we can regain control over our situation.

When you agree, take the advice but filter it so that you may still remain congruent to yourself while utilizing this new found information. Feel for yourself whether it will work and then slightly incorporate it into your plan of action. Always stay true to yourself because once the advisers and listeners are gone from you, your still stuck with the issue and have to make a decision. They wont be there or be affected by it. You will. Always do whats best for you.




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