16 03 2011

What do you do when you keep finding yourself in a situation that you’ve been in many times and never had any idea what to do each time? What do you do when each option you have leads you into one of the above options? Each one a dark road. Do you do what was done last time hoping for a different result? Or do you choose an option that you’ve never done before in hopes of a more favorable result?

The cycle has to end sometime. Is this happening so that your able to predict each outcome for each option the next time this occurs for you? But what if that option that didn’t work last time is the one that works THIS time?? How are you able to confidently choose that one if it has failed you before?

As unfavorable as each option looks, they all have to be weighed before making a choice. After all of the above questions are asked, the most important one that should influence the decision is:

Which option will keep ME in order?




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